Retail Kiosk Renovation

How to renovate and reuse Kiosk in UAE?

Many retail kiosks in the malls are running in prominent locations attracting high customer engagement resulting in good sales and profit. After a certain year of operations if the kiosk lost its original look due to wear and tear, it is required to renovate the kiosk to get the look. Sometimes the brand might want to renovate the kiosk with their new branding.

In such cases, We can give professional solutions for renovating the existing kiosk. The kiosk will be pulled out with maximum care to retain the carcass (structure) safely and proper packing for the finishes. Then the kiosk will be transported to our factory where the refurbishment will happen.

Sanding, Polishing, Painting, Buffing, Cladding, Modifications, Skirting, Replacement of LED Lights, Signage artworks etc., can all happen in our factory. Once the works are completed as per client requirement, the kiosk can be packed and transported to the proposed location and be installed safely.

The process takes 1 night removal, 7-10 days of factory works (approximately) and 1 night installation.

Bright Finity Interiors is professional kiosk manufacturer in UAE offers specific solutions to retail industry. Our trained team has experience in kiosk renovations with a standard operating procedure, method statement and risk assessment.


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