How to plan kiosk installation smoothly?

A brief check-list for a smooth, hassle-free kiosk installation.

Once the design is finalized by the brand it needs to be reviewed, approved by landlord. After the detailed shop drawings, 3D and samples are approved, the kiosk can be manufactured at contractor’s factory including mock-up installation. The following steps can make the kiosk installation smooth and hassle-free and help us to merchandise, trade from the next morning.

  1. Marking of location, orientation: The exact location of kiosk as per lease agreement should be marked in the presence of mall retail delivery team and contractor. The orientation i.e. pylon signage direction should be confirmed.
  2. The work permit: The Tenant needs to apply the work permit with contractor details to mall retail delivery team.
  3. Confirmation to mall FM team: The contractor needs to inform the facilities management team that the kiosk installation is scheduled after mall operation hours (night). So that the FM team will inform their technical team for the night schedule to coordinate during night to turn on / turn off the power.
  4. Confirmation to mall security team: In case if the work permit is not given as a signed form, but as an email confirmation, it is better to inform the security team during the day time itself about the night schedule. If they do not have any information, the night duty team may take time to get confirmation and chances of delay in starting the work
  5. Safety protocols: The contractor’s installation team must follow the safety policy (PPE i.e. Safety shoes, gloves) strictly to avoid any hazards.
  6. Access to the floor box: The floor box which has power and data outlets must be accessible post installation as well. If the kiosk’s floor base is not made with the access or if the access does not align with the mall floor box, it is better to modify the kiosk’s base to align with the mall base before installation. In future, this will surely be required by internet service providers (Etisalat, Du) or the tenant IT team.
  7. Floor protection: The surface where kiosk rests (usually tiles finish) is the landlord property. While vacating the unit in future, the tenant needs to return the space as received i.e. without any damage. So it is better to have a floor protection (carpet inlay) to prevent the kiosk base from damaging, leaving scratch marks.

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