Profitable kiosk businesses in Dubai

What are the profitable kiosk businesses in UAE / Dubai?

If you are visiting any mall (either super regional mall or regional mall or community centers) you can see most of the kiosks falling under this list. These are the businesses that made profits in UAE malls through kiosks.

Retail & Fashion Businesses:

  • Perfume Kiosk
  • Watches Kiosk
  • Jewelry Kiosk (Gold, Designer wear, Siler)
  • Mobile Phones Kiosk
  • Mobile Accessories Kiosk (Covers, Services)
  • Optical Kiosk (Sunglasses, Designer frames)
  • Fashion Accessories Kiosk (Hand bags, Caps, Shoes, Belts, Socks, Scarfs)
  • Gift Shop Kiosk (Flowers)
  • Cosmetic Kiosk
  • Toys Kiosk

Food & Beverage Businesses:

  • Café Kiosk (Coffee, Smoothies, Juices)
  • Ice cream Kiosk
  • Roasteries Kiosk
  • Candy Kiosk
  • Popcorn Kiosk

Service Businesses: (Kiosks that perform as representative office / meeting point for businesses to meet the customers)

  • Dry cleaners Kiosk
  • Courier services collection point
  • Ecommerce delivery point
  • Transportation Automobile Companies Kiosk (Rent-A-Car, Driving School, Car Selling Point)
  • Documentations Kiosk (PRO, Business Setup, Legal Companies)

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