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Kiosk Manufacturing and Installation

Kiosk Manufacturing and Installation involves creating a custom kiosk tailored to the customer’s specifications, as well as physically installing the kiosk at its designated location.

Kiosk Manufacturing and Installation is a specialized service that provides businesses with the ability to create and maintain digital self-service kiosks. The process begins with designing and developing a custom kiosk solution, from hardware selection to software interface so that the customer can easily interact with it. This is followed by complete manufacturing of the unit in-house, including fabrication, assembly, testing, quality assurance and deployment. Finally, installation of the completed kiosk is undertaken at an agreed location – be it an indoor or outdoor facility – along with appropriate technical support for maintenance and upkeep.

Bright Finity is a leading quality Kiosk Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE providing top-notch customer service and superior products to its clients. With their high-quality kiosks, they create innovative retail solutions that are tailored to meet their customers’ specific business needs. The Bright Finity team strives to provide the best user experience possible with their well-designed touchscreens and intuitive usability.

Their kiosks come with an integrated payment gateway and cash management system ensuring smooth transactions and maximum security. They also offer professional aftersales services such as custom modifications, preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades on all their products. With a commitment to exceed customer expectations, Bright Finity leads the way in providing unique kiosk solutions in the UAE.  We specialised in Retail Kiosk and Mall Kiosks.

Kiosk Renovation

Kiosk renovation includes upgrades such as adding new components or making modifications to existing ones. Retail Kiosk renovation is a popular way to revitalize tired-looking kiosks and make them stand out. It typically involves new paint, updated signage, lighting, hardware refreshments and more attractive displays. Kiosks can be modernized to match the current trends in design and technology with the help of computer-aided kiosk design software. A team of experienced professionals is usually employed for this purpose who takes into account various factors like user experience, branding, ease of use and other details before finalizing the design. Renovating a kiosk ensures improved visibility, convenience and customer satisfaction which eventually lead to increased sales revenue.

Kiosk Relocation

Kiosk Relocation typically involves disassembling and transporting the entire unit before reassembling it at its new location. Both services require comprehensive knowledge of industrial design and computer engineering in order to create an aesthetically pleasing but functionally reliable structure.

Kiosk Relocation in UAE has become an increasingly popular trend amongst entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in this growing market. With the advent of technology and new trends, more people are opting for mobile kiosks rather than static ones. This trend is particularly beneficial for those wanting to set up their business in prime locations such as shopping malls or airports. Not only can entrepreneurs benefit from increased exposure but also the convenience of being able to shift their business from place to place without losing customers or making costly investments on leasing a permanent space. The process is fairly simple, with kiosks being moved securely and efficiently – allowing entrepreneurs to take advantage of the numerous opportunities located across different cities as they come up.

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How It Works

Project Awarding

When the client shares their requirement, the design will be discussed and suitable materials will be specified. Then the final drawing will be developed after discussions and revisions. Once the drawings are finalized, detailed scope of works will be developed in the form of a BOQ.

Detailed quotation will be submitted to client and then the project will be awarded with clear payment terms and project schedule. The fitout contract / purchase order will be issued and fitout contract is made.


The samples for the mentioned materials will be arranged for approvals. The landlord’s standard requirement for allowing the contracting work to initiate will be met such as submission of trade license, Emirates IDs, submission of workman compensation insurance and third party liability insurance.

The method statement, risk assessment documents will be submitted and the safety induction training will be given to our technicians.

Authority Approvals

In every emirate, there are local guidelines for obtaining the building permit. As per the landlord and authority requirement, We will apply for building permit from local municipality authority through their online platform.

The fire & life safety drawings (fire fighting and fire alarm drawings) will be developed and submitted to civil defense for their approval.

Electrical drawings will be submitted to the utilities authority (such as DEWA / ADDC / SEWA) for approval and later for the inspection.


The team of technicians and construction tools will reach the site after meeting the landlord’s requirements of mobilization. In parallel, all the specialized contractors and material procurement will happen simultaneously.

The onsite and offsite works will commence formally in this phase.

Construction Phase

The phase where the onsite works right from marking, screeding, flooring, partitioning, ceiling installation happens. The technical works (electrical, Airconditioning, fire fighting & fire alarm works, plumbing, IT devices installation) will progress simultaneously.

The Joinery works will happen in the factory and will be brought to site for installation.

Work Completion

The completion of Decor Works, MEP Works, Joinery Works as per the approved drawing and approved materials.


Inspection of MEP Services by Authorities (Civil, Defense, DEWA, Municipality) by Landlord, By Client.

The Mall / Landlord will conduct inspections as per the approved drawings. The utilities authority will conduct inspection and activate the power and water services. Any comments / snags detected during the inspections will be resolved by our team.

Close Out Documentation

We will produce test reports, inspection reports, certificates and as-built drawings to mall management and the client.

Project Delivery

On site the final deep cleaning will be done and allow the client to do the merchandising of the products. Then the IT & POS works can complete.

Once the landlord gives a go ahead, the hoarding will be removed to proceed for trading.

We have been delivering kiosks and retail fitouts. Please check our portfolio.
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