Kiosk Relocation in UAE

How to Relocate Kiosk in UAE?

If you are running a kiosk business in UAE, you are aware that Location matters for good customer engagement. Sometimes your kiosk may not get the best footfall i.e. customers as expected. In such times, you can negotiate with the landlord to relocate your kiosk to the busiest location within the same property or to other properties to improve sales.

In such cases, We can give professional solutions for relocating your existing kiosk. The kiosk will be pulled out with maximum care to retain the carcass (structure) safely and proper packing for the finishes. During the removal process, the kiosk structure and finishes might get damaged. Finishes like paint, solid surface, veneer and the skirting will have impacts and the cables, conduits, LED lights as well.

Such damages will be given touch ups and reconnections and replacements if necessary at our factory. Once all is set at our factory, the kiosk will be transported to the new location and be installed. The process takes 1 night removal, 5-7 days of factory works (approximately) and 1 night installation.

Bright Finity Interiors is professional kiosk manufacturer in UAE offers specific solutions to retail industry. Our trained team has experience in kiosk relocations with a standard operating procedure, method statement and risk assessment.


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