Kiosk Business in UAE

Kiosks are the simplest way to engage with customers for retailers. They are compact, they cost less upfront, they get good traffic in large scale mega malls to small scale regional / community shopping centers. Kiosks are efficient in meeting the requirement for businesses especially for the following

  • Retails (perfumes, mobiles & accessories, jewelry, watches, fashion accessories, optical)
  • Food & Beverages (ice cream parlors, pastries, dates & confectioneries)
  • Service companies (telecom, courier services, dry cleaners, driving institutes, rent-a-car, business men services)

While setting up the kiosk business, We need to ensure

  • it has the brand identity & look of your brand
  • it’s visual merchandising appeal for customer engagement
  • the design meets the mall design guidelines and authorities’
  • the materials meets mall’s compliance requirement
  • the usability / comfort for users (sales persons, customers)
  • build quality for long lasting durability

We, Bright Finity Interiors can help you to get the kiosk executed meeting the above criteria


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